Community Voting for AIT-2 Validator Selection

Hello Aptos community! :wave:


I will be glad to see everyone on my page of my validator!


Hey guys, Halyna from Ukraine is wishing you a good day!

I have more than 1 year of experience in running nodes: Nym, Casper, Bitcountry, SSV, Celestia, Massa, Masa and others.

General Information: located in Ukraine, speaking ukrainian, english and a little spanish

Technical Details: Intel Core i7-4770, 512GB SSD, 32 RAM, 1 Gbit/s bandwidth


Hi, I am Ilya Karpov, your candidate validator | Discord: Alan Massive Liar#0818
I’ve long been a part of crypto community and contributing my computing power and supervisory to various projects.
Dedicated servers, programming background and real-time telemetry are all at my disposal.
I’ve hosted Aleo, Ironfish, lots of Substrate-based projects and many more projects.
Pleased to participate in AIT-2


Hello Aptos community! wave


Hello guys

I’m Calisto from Italy. Crypto investor and node runner for a couple of years. I’m an active validator in Solana and Casper testnets. Aldo run nodes such as: Massa, Bitcountry, Masa, Axelar, Gear, Celestia, Subquery, Starknet, Humanode, Minima, Forta, Evmos.

Languages: italian, english

Discord: calzan829#6747

Technical Details: Intel Core i7-4770, 1TB SSD, 64GB RAM, Ubuntu 20.04.3, 1 Gbit/s bandwidth


My name is Jhonni, I’m Brazilian and I live in Porto - Portugal. I am currently working as an Information and Quality Manager at a Web 3 startup ( with Substrate / Rust / React for a decentralized curation tools. Additionally, I have experience creating nodes and managing validator infrastructure in Polkadot, Kusama, Avax, Bit.coutry, Zeitgeist PM, Mina. In addition, I have a degree in Information Science from the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto.

I hope can be working together with the Aptos validators as well as a bridge between our project in Substrate - Polkadot with the Aptos Blockchain framework in future.



Hello, and thank you, developer. I always have faith in and support for the project. I wish our community could take part in the AIT2 program.


Hi, my name is Misha Kolesnik.
I’m an experienced DevOps Engineer that struggles to start his crypto experience :sweat_smile: .
Hope you’ll help me on that road :smile:

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Hi. My name is Pavel. I work in IT since 2005. I work with many quality datacenters, handle network administration. For several years I participate as a validator in many test chains. I currently support Ironfish, Oasys, Masa, MaSSa, Sui, KYVE, Forta, Archway, Gno Land networks. I update and maintain my nodes in a timely manner,
I will be very grateful specifically to YOUR! vote for me and in support of my validator. I guarantee 100% Uptime, low commissions and support.

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Hello guys!!!

Technical Details: AMD EPYC 7282 16-Core @ 4x 2.795GHz, Ubuntu 20.04 focal, 400GB, 8GB RAM

Discord: hidan#3273


Heelooooo…my name is Stanislav, 25 years old. Node name - 2TheMoon.
Moved to crypto from Steam marketplace :smiley:. I started to earn in earnings on the internet seriously when there was a hype of skins cs:go and roulette (I made a lot of money with their bots). Thanks to Webmoney pay system for early integration of 2015m. Later I left everything and began to study bitcoin. I invested in different ICOs in 2017. Did X’s.

i running many different nodes and watching them every day, using notifications and scripts.
i love to participate in different tech events and also ambassador programs. Moonbeam ambassador grant, mina genesis founder member, covalent, manta and many others.
i love seeing projects developing from the very beginning until it becomes popular, like APTOS.
So I am submitting this application to participate.

I hope to be useful to the team and for community. I wasnt so lucky on testnet 1 application( So i trying again…I would be very happy if you would take me on.:rocket:

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I am a system administrator and crypto enthusiast. I have more than 5 years of experience in this field. Previously, I was engaged in setting up and supporting servers for corporate companies, worked with AWS, Docker, Azure and other technologies.

At the moment, I am also engaged in the installation and support of nodes for other crypto projects, such as Nym, StarkNet, Casper, IronFish, Massa, Masa Finance, Minima, Aleo, Evmos, Bitcountry, Sui, Sei, Gear and others. For servers, I also use a monitoring system such as nagios, and I also have KVM access to the server, so that I can fix it as soon as possible and only improve the performance of the server.

I am interested in the Aptos project, as it is a level 1 blockchain, secure and scalable, on which new crypto products and applications will be built in the future. I would like to be part of such an infrastructure project.

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Your best validator here :wink:

just tap to vote - :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: - [AIT2] lost validator

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Let’s make it fun!

If you have votes left - [AIT2] Validator vasrox #Vote4Vote - leave a comment here and vote for others :slight_smile:

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:wave:Hi all in TG and Discord you know me - enbit88
I have a higher technical education with a specialization in low-level programming.
Very flexible in learning. If I come across something incomprehensible - it’s not a problem.

:+1:Participated in testnet : Everscale Aleo Archway Humanode-v2 Kyve Stratos tropos-1 Aptos Devnet Quicksilver

:white_check_mark:Now part in : Deweb Kira Massa Cosmic Horizon Quicksilver kill queen Sei Stafihub Masa finance Subspace Ironfish Sui Starknet Humanode-v3

:star:I write guide, scripts for you and share them on the web. Check my github - encipher88. Surely I answered on your question in many different telegram and discord groups. Now it’s your turn to help! And I won’t be in debt. I will make getting into Aptos easier for all of you! :heart:


Maybe I’ll get lucky :slight_smile:

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