Community Voting for AIT-2 Validator Selection

Hello, mates
Glad to join in pretty good community - here’s my topic and summary about me.
I’m crypto enthusiasts in different ways:

  • node runner
  • tester
  • early member
  • contributor
    And all of that in a lot of projects :slight_smile: wish all the best

Hello again everyone, good to see you and wishing you a great day! I will be glad to have your support!


Добрий день, everybody! My name is Andrii.
I have huge experience in crypto since 2015: mining, trading, investing, ICO/IDO. Currently I am active node runner/ ambassador in numerous crypto projects and testnets (Minima, Ironfish, Bitcountry, Subquery, Massa, Masa Finance, Humanode, Penumbra, Gear). I use powerful VPS and dedicated servers with 8-32 CPU cores, 8-30 RAM, 500GB - 1TB SSD/NVME, Ubuntu 20.04.
I speak English, Ukrainian and russian and can help community with solving technical issues.
My telegram Telegram: Contact @theodore_rooseveltt

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⠀Good day!
⠀I’m SecorD and I have a lot of experience in participating and running testnets, so let’s vote for me to run this phase smothly!


Hi, my name is cherideal, i’m a active validator and defi builder.
I come from china, and i speck chinese and english.
twitter: @cherideal
ens: cherideal.eth

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Hi all. I’m Aglet from Turkey. Why i deserve to be a selected? I have been following aptos since before the devnet full node stage and helping my friends about from seting up nodes to troubleshooting and registration. So far i’ve introduced aptos to 10+ people and brought them in aptos. I’ll keep telling about aptos to everyone i know who interesting with crypto space.

Also i have many experience on node operating on many different projects. Thanks.

VPS that i use for Aptos Node: 4cpu 8gb ram 400gb ssd discord: hbbkrgz#1794
languages: Turkish, English


Hello Aptos community! :wave:

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I will be glad to see everyone on my page of my validator!


Hey guys, Halyna from Ukraine is wishing you a good day!

I have more than 1 year of experience in running nodes: Nym, Casper, Bitcountry, SSV, Celestia, Massa, Masa and others.

General Information: located in Ukraine, speaking ukrainian, english and a little spanish

Technical Details: Intel Core i7-4770, 512GB SSD, 32 RAM, 1 Gbit/s bandwidth


Hi, I am Ilya Karpov, your candidate validator | Discord: Alan Massive Liar#0818
I’ve long been a part of crypto community and contributing my computing power and supervisory to various projects.
Dedicated servers, programming background and real-time telemetry are all at my disposal.
I’ve hosted Aleo, Ironfish, lots of Substrate-based projects and many more projects.
Pleased to participate in AIT-2


Hello Aptos community! wave


Hello guys

I’m Calisto from Italy. Crypto investor and node runner for a couple of years. I’m an active validator in Solana and Casper testnets. Aldo run nodes such as: Massa, Bitcountry, Masa, Axelar, Gear, Celestia, Subquery, Starknet, Humanode, Minima, Forta, Evmos.

Languages: italian, english

Discord: calzan829#6747

Technical Details: Intel Core i7-4770, 1TB SSD, 64GB RAM, Ubuntu 20.04.3, 1 Gbit/s bandwidth

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My name is Jhonni, I’m Brazilian and I live in Porto - Portugal. I am currently working as an Information and Quality Manager at a Web 3 startup ( with Substrate / Rust / React for a decentralized curation tools. Additionally, I have experience creating nodes and managing validator infrastructure in Polkadot, Kusama, Avax, Bit.coutry, Zeitgeist PM, Mina. In addition, I have a degree in Information Science from the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto.

I hope can be working together with the Aptos validators as well as a bridge between our project in Substrate - Polkadot with the Aptos Blockchain framework in future.


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Hello, and thank you, developer. I always have faith in and support for the project. I wish our community could take part in the AIT2 program.

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Hi, my name is Misha Kolesnik.
I’m an experienced DevOps Engineer that struggles to start his crypto experience :sweat_smile: .
Hope you’ll help me on that road :smile: