Community Voting for AIT-2 Validator Selection

How many votes do we have to give? Quantity/day or fixed?

[AIT2] Validator 4800

Hello everyone! My name is lianpeng and I am a validator from China.
I have more than 8 years of full-stack development experience, currently working in a listed company, and can deploy various systems proficiently.
I am fortunate to participate in the AIT-2 test network and run the AIT-2 verification node and full node.
Although I don’t have a lot of blockchain experience, I hope all teachers will vote for me so that a newcomer can also make a contribution to the blockchain.


Hi, communuty!

Here is my validator’s thread [AIT2] yarmoscow validator

Can help troubleshooting your node installation.

Hi Lads,

Its BLOCKSHARK team here. Our dedicated engineers are professional with 10-15 years experience in the industry. Our system is monitored 24/7 by system admin with assistance of Prometheus and Grafana monitoring system.

We don’t use centralized Data Center like AWS/Google but have our own Server Farm with Power Generator, Air Conditioner, secured access to make the network decentralized as possible.

We are currently running validator/mining nodes for: Aptos, Agoric, Filecoin, Radix, Aleph Zero, Celestia, Sei, Subspace, Chia.

Hi, Aptos community! Please feel free to learn more about me and vote if you want. Thanks!

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Hey guys im alfino

Choose me and vote me up

Why ?? I have experience on node operator in Peaq, Sub Query and Also Akash

C yangheerss up and have a great days all

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Hey guys! Please vote for me :pray:


Hello My Name Dwi

Choose me and vote me up please

Hello My Name Dwi

Check link, plz. broken link?

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Hello I’m Pola! I’m a node operator that capable to do the AIT-2 works. I hope you can see my thread through this link [AIT2] PolaNode . cheers!

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Hi everyone, my name is Long; startup in NFT field. very excited to join Aptos community, plz vote for us! tks.

Hi there,

this is BloClick staking.
Just posted a brief description on

Hope you can give us your support! :slight_smile:

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Glad to be here and help the team!

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Well, let’s play this game again.

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I will be happy if you decide to follow me in this new testnet aventure !
Come on baby !

Hi all! My name is Daniil. Good luck everyone!) Check it out my thread! Like it and subscribe)

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Let’s Node
⠀We are a team of inspired and driven people with decent years in IT and crypto experience. Together we represent the Let’s Node project - our offspring, aimed at:
▸ building a strong friendly node run/crypto communities to superb support networks and ecosystems;
▸ providing technical support to other node runners;
▸ helping the beginners and accompanying advanced node runners throughout the daily issues.

⠀Our team has been working in the field of testnets, nodes and validation for quite a long time. We are successful validators and node runners of many projects such as: Moonbeam, Solana, Evmos, Umee, Kusama, Nym, KiChain, Axelar, Calamari and others;
⠀We preserve not purely high uptime, but further endeavour to contribute with the content to our supported networks. Furthermore we are running many active chats and communities. We are advising projects and participating as Community Managers, Country Leads, Ambassadors, Senior and Head of Ambassadors, Technical Moderators, Admins etc in almost every projects we are involved.

Let’s Node Team

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