Community Voting for AIT-2 Validator Selection

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How many votes do we have to give? Quantity/day or fixed?

[AIT2] Validator 4800

Hello everyone! My name is lianpeng and I am a validator from China.
I have more than 8 years of full-stack development experience, currently working in a listed company, and can deploy various systems proficiently.
I am fortunate to participate in the AIT-2 test network and run the AIT-2 verification node and full node.
Although I don’t have a lot of blockchain experience, I hope all teachers will vote for me so that a newcomer can also make a contribution to the blockchain.


Hi, communuty!

Here is my validator’s thread [AIT2] yarmoscow validator

Can help troubleshooting your node installation.

Hi Lads,

Its BLOCKSHARK team here. Our dedicated engineers are professional with 10-15 years experience in the industry. Our system is monitored 24/7 by system admin with assistance of Prometheus and Grafana monitoring system.

We don’t use centralized Data Center like AWS/Google but have our own Server Farm with Power Generator, Air Conditioner, secured access to make the network decentralized as possible.

We are currently running validator/mining nodes for: Aptos, Agoric, Filecoin, Radix, Aleph Zero, Celestia, Sei, Subspace, Chia.

Hi, Aptos community! Please feel free to learn more about me and vote if you want. Thanks!

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Hey guys im alfino

Choose me and vote me up

Why ?? I have experience on node operator in Peaq, Sub Query and Also Akash

C yangheerss up and have a great days all

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Hey guys! Please vote for me :pray:


Hello My Name Dwi

Choose me and vote me up please

Hello My Name Dwi

Check link, plz. broken link?

Hello I’m Pola! I’m a node operator that capable to do the AIT-2 works. I hope you can see my thread through this link [AIT2] PolaNode . cheers!

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Hi everyone, my name is Long; startup in NFT field. very excited to join Aptos community, plz vote for us! tks.

Hi there,

this is BloClick staking.
Just posted a brief description on

Hope you can give us your support! :slight_smile:

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Glad to be here and help the team!

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Well, let’s play this game again.

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