Community+Movers Twitter Thread Event

Hey Coordinators, i need your thoughts about:

Aptos Twitter Thread Event

  1. Create a Twitter thread(3+posts) that responds to the question:
  • For Community: “Why join the #AptosMovement? ”
  • For the Movers : “Share your experience with Move! What are you building? How does it work? Why Aptos?"
  1. Use the hashtag #AptosEcosystem
  2. Tag @AptosLabs
  3. Post the link to the #:open_book:│learning channel on Discord

:trophy: Winners:

We will select winners with the best submissions!

:thinking: Selection Criteria:

The best Twitter threads will be selected based on:

:1st_place_medal: Prizes:

  • Retweet your thread

:x: DON’T:

  1. Do not make price speculations
  2. Do not use offensive language
  3. Do not speak poorly about other projects
  • Start Date: 15.09.2022
  • End Date: 30.09.2022
  • Winners Announcement: 05.10.2022

Nice. In fact, many people who talk about Aptos often say that there is no need to add more L1 projects when they are already available, or that they don’t understand the features.
Of course there are those who correctly mention that point, but I feel that more dissemination is needed.

I think this event needs to be in English to make judging fair.
After that, let’s create and share local language versions of the excellent entries.

Our fast-growing Aptos Japan will also fully cooperate!
Aptos Japan:

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Sure, thanks for Reply
Totaly agree with your thoughts.

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It sounds good. It remains only to run it and see the result.

How will you track all posts?

Thx for reply
We just need to make individual discord channel for this (4) , and everyone can check all the participants

cool i would love to be part of this

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Let me know if you will need a help.


sorry but event didn’t started yet.

ahh okay, from 15.08

and not from 15. It’s just idea to make event, the announcement will be on Discord and Twitter, the dated will be changed

ok, understood
i will follow

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Great and fascinating idea

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It’s a great idea to drive the expansion of Aptos!
I’am a Mover developing a Dapp, and I have a lot to write up!

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You are right!
We also have a Japanese member, so tell me if we have something to help you spread Aptos in Japan!


I’ll be hosting a second Aptos Japan webinar later this month.

The main focus of this one will be “Learning about Aptos for Beginners”.

In the second half of the event, I’ll have a “Use Cases” section where I’ll briefly introduce some of the projects that are actually in production.

If you are interested, we can have a Japanese contact person from your project participate as a guest.

Please contact me if you are interested.
Discord: Takeshi_TGAL#2108


Super interesting project!!!

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Very bullish on Aptos !! Wen mainnet ?!