Cognitus Swap an advanced AMM with next generation GameFi rewards on Aptos Chain

  • Project Name / Organization
    Cognitus Swap

Project Description

Cognitus Swap is a decentralized ecosystem built and running on the Aptos chain; it consists of a Decentralized Exchange (DEX), Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Marketplace, and Gaming (GameFi). $INCGN is the DEX core token. It will be used for DEX features like swapping, staking, farming, governance, and launchpad. Our platform enables users to trade digital assets, giving them complete control over their investment decisions. Cognitus Swap has a Multi-Chain NFT Marketplace. Now users can buy their NFTs in their favourite chain. Also, fees for buyers and creators are very low. $VALOR is our non-tradable Multi-Chain GameFi token. Our users can mint, buy or bid on NFTs from talented creators globally. Our users enjoy various games, with many ecosystem activities allowing them to earn reward tokens, giving those portions of platform revenue upon staking. Users will get a 3% referral when their friends or network play GameFi Dice. Users will experience EVM and Non-EVM based projects in one place, where Non-EVM projects will give fast, scalable and secured transactions. On the other hand, EVM projects will allow users to experience ETH, BNB and AVAX-based products. Our hallmark is security, sleek, user-friendly and efficient cryptocurrency solutions.

  • Value Proposition to the Aptos Ecosystem
    Aptos is a layer 1 blockchain with scalability, safety, reliability and upgradability. The Aptos blockchain uses the MOVE language to execute transactions quickly and securely. MOVE is a scalable and secure programming language developed and maintained by META. Cognitus Swap decides to build on Aptos Chain because the security in Aptos allows developers to protect Cognitus Swap from malicious entities. Flexible key management and hybrid custodial alternatives are made possible by the Aptos data model. To achieve high throughput and low latency, the Aptos blockchain uses a pipelined and modular approach for the crucial phases of transaction processing. Additionally, the Aptos blockchain feature allows Cognitus Swap to integrate on-chain change management protocols to accommodate new web3 use cases and quickly implement recent technological advances.

  • Milestones with Deliverables + Timeline
    Q2 2022 Goals
    In Q2 2022, we formed a team, made a whitepaper, created an interactive website, and worked on MVP in Aptos Chain.

Q3 2022 Goals

In Q3 2022, DEX will be prepared, and Swap, Staking, Farming and GameFi Dice will be live.

Q4 2022 Goals

In Q4 2022, Launchpad, GameFi Lottery, GameFi Prediction market, and NFT Marketplace with GameFi integration will be live on DEX.

Q1 2023 Goals

In Q1 2023, Cross-chain Bridge integration, EVM Blockchain integration, and Multichain Gamefi integration will be live on DEX.

  • Team: Skills, Experience & Motivation

The team has 25+ years of experience in Product Development, Marketing, Technical and Finance.

  • Technical Architecture Overview, if applicable

  • Key Risks & Challenges

Cognitus Swap is built on layer 1 blockchain Aptos. Move programming language is used for the development of Cognitus Swap. Move Programing language is developed and maintained by Meta and released in 2022. That’s why developing on Move was quite challenging because of its early stage. Cognitus Swap has a Multi-Chain NFT market with fewer fees for buyers and creators. Cognitus Swap charges 1.5% from buyers, and creators can set up to 15%. Maintaining this rate was difficult because NFT Marketplace, like Opensea, take 2.5% from buys and creators only make 10% off every time their NFT is sold. EVM and Non-EVM both technologies will be available in Cognitus Swap. This is quite a challenging task from Cognitus Swap. Cognitus Swap has Multi-Chain dice, prediction, lottery, and NFT marketplace. These Multi-Chain products require a lot of liquidity which is a challenge for Cognitus Swap.



Hi there! XR here from Blockchain Founders Fund. We’re a VC specialising in blockchain/web3.0 investments, and I’m keen to learn more about Cognitus Swap. Let me know if you’re keen to connect!

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