Classified information you need to know about Aptos round two. Are you ready or not

Aptos team aims to bring adoption to web3 and empower an ecosystem of decentralized apps to solve users’ actual issues. The blockchain could reach a theoretical transaction bandwidth of over 150 thousand TPS via parallel implementation.

Participate to the Airdrop:

Seems like Aptos only airdropped about 3% of the total 51% of tokens meant for the community, which is crazy!

There’s still a whopping sum of $APT 480 million tokens remaining, which will be made available to the community.

At the moment, according to CoinMarketCap, early testnet users have only received 20 million tokens, with 49,021,7359 $APT still up for grabs.

Aptos plans to use the same airdrop pattern as before, but with more focus on recognizing the real active community.

This won’t be a retroactive airdrop where you have to burn money or create volume to participate.

Collect Community Badges

There are several badges to collect depending on the actions taken within the Aptos community.

• You will have to try to collect all the badges one by one.

• The idea is to interact as much as possible with the community through this board, ask, react, create, shares, feedback etc.

Interact with the Ecosystem DApps

• In addition to badges, participate in the ecosystem and manipulate the aptos network.
• You can find most of the protocols built on Aptos here :


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I’m guessing there would still be more airdrops in the future, asides this particular one.


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So how do we interact on other aptos dapps?

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