ChainUp Cloud- Next Gen Platform-As-A-Service Provider for Aptos

1. Object Name / Organization

ChainUp Cloud / ChainUp
Main Website: Cryptocurrency Exchange Software | Blockchain software | White label Exchange Software - ChainUp

2. Project Description

Integrating Aptos into ChainUp Cloud
ChainUp Cloud is One-Stop Platform-As-A-Service Provider that empowers business and developers to rapidly build, deploy and managed decentralized networks and services. ChainUp gives the choice extends from nodes to hosting services that enable engineers to deploy hybrid environments. Developer will be able to access numerous blockchain protocols all from one single screen.

3. Why are we doing this project and what pain points are we solving?

Common Problems Solution Provided ( ChainUp Cloud )
Complex Pricing of
Cloud Service Rates
One Stop Platform-As-A-Service Provider with
transparent estimate of costs
Shortage of Blockchain Talents On-Demand access to dedicated
team of expert developers
Higher Barrier of Entry as compared to normal web applications
(Move is not widely adopted yet)
Access multiple blockchain protocols in a single screen.
Simply Connect Dapps with one line of code
Incoming frequent Releases,
updates of Aptos blockchain
Provide latest protocols updates with 99.9% healthy
node uptime guarantees
Less Attractive due to High
Valuation of Tokens before Mainnet Release for small investors
Gain Exposure to ChainUp 's customer base of 60
million end users consists of both
institutional and retail investors.

4. Our goal

ChainUp provides a range of maturing products such as digital asset trading systems, fiat on-ramp, wallet, security, mining, digital assets custody, investment, and NFTs. And we aim to integrate Aptos Network into our products (ChainUp Cloud Platform and exchange solution) and allow our users to stake Aptos across multiple operators or users the opportunity to run their own Aptos nodes, and most importantly, increase the robustness of Aptos network. The goal is to provide available RPC/REST endpoints to view and manipulate data in new sophisticated ways and reduces the challenges and complexity involved so developers in the Aptos ecosystem are well equipped to get started build the next generation of new Move-based DApps.

5. Value Proposition to the Aptos Ecosystem

Mission: Our platform will allow anyone from any region & cloud to run their Aptos nodes without having any technical background, with optimized quality, security, real-time full monitoring of node health metrics and provide node deployment services to incoming hundreds of millions of users in Web3.

6. Team + past experience:

Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Singapore, ChainUp is a leader in blockchain technology and crypto ecosystem solutions. At present, ChainUp has provided blockchain technology services to 1000+ clients in both crypto/blockchain and traditional industries in more than 30 countries and regions with coverage of over 60 million users. We have global business and development team in Korea, Singapore, Japan, HongKong maturing products such as digital asset trading systems, fiat on-ramp, wallet, security, mining, digital assets custody, investment, and NFTs. We have built an end-to-end closed industrial loop of technical services, innovative research and development, and traffic-commercialization.

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It looks really cool ! Good luck!

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Thread Bump :fire: Our website link and discord has been updated. :fire:

ChainUp Cloud :cloud:/ ChainUp
Main Website:
Discord : ChainUp-Cloud

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