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Coin Security Suspends Bitcoin Withdrawals Due to Bitcoin Network Congestion :fire: Liechtenstein Plans to Accept Payment for Government Services Using Bitcoin :fire: Chain Game Studio Aether Game Closes $4.5 Million Equity Round with Mysten Labs and More :fire: DEUS: No Legal Action Will Be Taken Against Hackers If Funds Are Returned, 20% of Funds Will Be Used as Vulnerability Bounty :fire: UK FCA Takes Action Against Illegal Crypto ATM Operators :fire: Stripe Solves ‘Cold Start Problem’ by Launching Fiat Currency to Cryptocurrency Portal​:open_book:【Catalogue】Web3 In-depth Investment Research Reference|2023.05.06 - 05.07​:one: Opinion|The key to Sparta Dex success is to have enough project partners :two: Technology|One article to understand how Sovereign Rollup works :three: Market|One article to introduce the way to track smart money :four: Research|One article to explain the application chain track in detail: composition background, technology principle, ecological status and future challenges :five: Market|PEPE early investors experience sharing: strategy, tools and timing to discover MEME :six: NFT |An inventory of projects providing liquidity for NFT: nftperp, llamalend, sudoswap…:sun_with_face:xa0Web3 Research Morning: Get daily in-depth information on web3 industry must-reads|​:robot: Web3 Hot News:Automated aggregation tool for real-time Web3 hot news|​:alarm_clock:xa0Welcome to subscribe to ChainFeeds Telegram Channel for timely alerts and join the ChainFeeds WeChat reader community to exchange the most useful Crypto information!:one: [Long Push] Opinion: The key to Sparta Dex’s success is to have enough project parties to work withIntroduction: Cryptocurrency KOL Mythical Frog Seed analyzed Sparta Dex, “Arbirtum’s first gamified DEX”, and concluded that it is more like a GameFi that supports the introduction of real revenue from external DeFi, and the key to success depends on whether it can pull in enough project parties to cooperate and start a positive cycle of growth.CapitalismLab: What is the impact of the interaction between Sparta and DEX: The Sparta city-state level determines the increase in mining revenue for DEX LP.If Sparta can gather a large number of DeFi users, it will have a greater advertising value for these project owners. After all, the underlying DEX are basically UNI V2/V3, Curve or knockoffs, which are all similar in incentive, and this one can at least earn more exposure.*** The current DEX homogenization is serious, the core ability is BD, that is, how many other agreements to deploy liquidity and bribery in your place, the partner to direct incentives or bribery, the core is to reduce the net expenditure of this agreement, otherwise it is difficult to maintain sustainability by issuing their own tokens to incentivize.*** The success of SpartanDEX also depends largely on the BD ability of its team.(Source)