Celebrating Ecosystem Grant Success!

Aptos Foundation Awards $3.5M in Ecosystem Grants, Phase 2 Now Open

The Aptos Foundation has completed its first wave of ecosystem grants, allocating over $3.5 million to 50 project teams focused on scaling the Aptos blockchain. This exciting news is relevant to developers, entrepreneurs, and anyone interested in the future of the Aptos protocol and its ecosystem.

The grants targeted four primary areas: Developer Tooling, Infrastructure, Education, and Ecosystem, supporting projects like Mokshya, Pontem, Aries, KYCDao, Overmind, Aptos Eden, Tsunami, and Topaz. This investment not only demonstrates the Foundation’s commitment to ecosystem health but also encourages further growth and decentralization.

As Phase 2 of the Aptos Ecosystem Grant Applications opens, we anticipate a surge of new ideas and projects. We look forward to engaging discussions about the grant recipients, their potential impact on the Aptos ecosystem, and the future of the Aptos protocol.

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