Carv - First Data to Earn Project | Claim Soul Everyday to Earn $ARC token later

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1. Introduction:

  • Carv is building wed3 ID infrastructure in the gaming field that enables players to display their achievements, have a semantic social experience, and access gaming premiums by combining web2 and web3 gaming data.

  • With $4M funding at the Valuation of 60M, early entry into Carv protocol would be beneficiary in terms of $Arc Airdrop.

2. Backing & Funding

  • What project Does: ID infrastructure
  • Baked by: Hashkey and Vertax Venture
  • Raised: 4M at 60M Valuation
  • Airdrop: 100% Soul will be converted to $ARC token

3. Task Data:

  • Deadline: Claim Soul Everyday
  • Expense: 2$
  • Chain: OpBNB
  • Time: 5M
  • Potential earning: 500$

4. Project’s Handle

5. Task

1. Fund your smart wallet with BNB

  • Go to Carv and Connect your Metamask wallet

  • Here, Carv protocol creates a new smart wallet that is linked to your Metamask wallet.

  • You need to send BNB from Metamask wallet to newly created Smart wallet on OpBnB network

  • Copy wallet address of Smart wallet and send BNB (0.01 bnb) from OpBNB chain to smart wallet.

2. Mint .Play Domain (0.2$)

3. Mint Carv ID (0.5$) & Connect

  • Go to Carv ID

  • Connect wallet → Click on “Mint” → Sign txn in MM

  • After that, Click on “Complete profile” or scroll down → Bind your All social account such as Gmail, FB, Discord, twitter and steam to earn more Soul points.

  • You need to claim Soul points every day by visiting Carv - Click on “Carv”

4. Earn Soul Everyday

  • Go to Carv
  • Carve Soul on OpBNB, Zksync and on Ronin Network
  • Do it everyday
  • Soul will be converted to Native Token $ARC - Ratio is yet to be decided

5. Complete CARV Data To Earn Genesis Campaign (last date 30 Dec)

6. Soul Quest on QuestN (Last date 10 jan)

  • Go to QuestN and complete the quest.

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