Can you help me with my Wallet problem?

I transferred my APT coins from faucet to Martian Wallet on October 19th. It was transferred to my account, but I pasted the address of my Binance account, it did not accept, I could not press the button. Because of the bug, I logged in and out of my wallet, but I could not reach the wallet for a while. As an error, I got the error that the connection between Martian and Aptos could not be established. When I enter Martian Wallet, it shows 0 APT. I also tried the solution provided by Martian Wallet, but it’s not relevant to me. I looked on Petra Wallet and couldn’t see it there either. When I scan my address through Explorer, it does not recognize my address. I have screen shoots showing that I took mail and APTs. I’m waiting for your help.Please contact me on Discord. I can show the necessary people by sharing the screen or I can take a screenshot.
Discord: 0xBurak#8420

@system @cryptoaadam


Pls check discord wallet CHANNEL for dedicated support on this errros

I’m trying, but no solution is reached.