Can we get back to 2021 bull market soon?

Can we get back to 2021 bull market soon?

.The money in the market is always limited. Therefore the only way to get back to bull market is to attract fund from new investors. Every year there must be some special coin that will pump like crazy. This definitely come out with some news to let them have a dream to get rich easily. However, by looking at pepe we can see that not much fund from outsider but from secondary market. That caused secondary market dump. The VC wont allow this to continue happen so must dump pepe to let the fund go back. In mu opinion this year wont go back to bull market.:bangbang::angel:


Bull run is happening 2024, accumulate as much Aptos as you can


This market is a thing of ups and down, you look out too much, you miss out too much, you look a little, liquidity is king, dont be greedy. As you were.


Yes we will!!

Looking forward to 2025 Bull Run

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We should go bull market

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In 2024 then we’ll be right at it

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It’s coming very fast

I think we are still in the accumulation phase. Hopefully we return to the bull cycle

we will be there soon :herb: @paulomah