Can people really use BOTS here to comment?

Been getting some random off topic replies fam, bots here???


Maybe Chinese people can use bots to reply automatically :thinking:

Well good thing yu can report spams and flag posts if you have the membership badge

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i don’t think so. Because the Aptos team protects the forum and punishes anyone who does this.
I do not recommend doing that, as you may lose your place in this wonderful community.

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How sure is this, if you have the member badge you can flag any post that inappropriate

I don’t think so

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I was thinking the same thing, some of the comments really seem like that

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Don’t wanna do it fren, I get bot type comments hence why I ask.

I do and will sir.

Don’t worry brother. The team will ban them.
You can also report spam and report posts if you have a membership badge

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