Can i stil claim the nft or is it too late?

Greetings,can i still claim the Nft or not. if not how can i be eligible for the airdrop ?


The eligiblity has gone pass. You can still claim if you’re eligible


what do you mean, would you please explain further

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do you mean if i didn’t claim the nft i can no longer be eligible for the airdrop ?

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The eligibility period has elapsed


thank you for your response

Don’t mention, i also didn’t get it , i feel there would be another cos it was specified it was the first

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hope so bro, but if i may ask , do we need to claim the airdrop on the tesnet and also claim the nft at the same time to be eligible for the next airdrop? cause i did claim the airdrop on the testnet a few days ago but not the nft cause i couldn’t find it.

I can’t say for sure, let’s wait for announcements from the aptos team

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