Can Aptos surpass solanan?

In 2021, solana develop into the most dazzling star public chain. But with its multiple downtimes and security issues, it was gradually abandoned by the market
This seems to give aptos a good chance
Can aptos outperform solana in the next bull run?


I’m sure yes!


we shouldn’t compare any of the blockchains with each other! all of them are useful in their functions. don’t forget we have also Solana Developer in Aptos but I think Solana is also good they had some faults but its a fast blockchain and compatible with more blockchain


The project is quite powerful, I think they will succeed!


aptos will kill solana this year :wink:

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As written above, Solana is a slightly different project, yes in general they are similar, but you have to understand that the Solana network appeared at the peak of the upward movement of all markets after Covid. Aptos appeared in a waning bear market, and thus does not have such a fast movement in price as Solana, but you can only imagine how many things engineers and marketers can do in a bull market

Almost sure that it will be, sol is dying(((