Can APTOS become a public chain comparable to Ethereum in three years?

Can APTOS, as a representative of the new monolithic high-performance public chain, build a sufficient moat?


maybe evrthing looks good stron peopel and comunity


Anything is possible.


In my opinion, it is quite possible. Aptos currently differentiates itself from Ethereum by having a greater transaction throughput. Aptos can confirm transactions in mere seconds, while it takes Ethereum more than a minute to do the same. So, there is a very good chance for Aptos to overtake Ethereum in three years

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Yes, the current activity of the entire Aptos community is better than that of other public chains in the same period. I think Aptos is superior.

So let’s leave it all to time and come back three years later to get the answer lol

Yes, but the biggest challenge at present is that most developers are familiar with a set of development specifications of Ethereum, and if they want to develop on Aptos, they need to use MOVE, a new language to develop applications. Just this small point, it can be revealed that it is a relatively big challenge for the prosperity of Aptos’ ecosystem. At least as a developer, I think this is a problem!

Very difficult, because it long time project