Call for Feedback: Keybox.AI Smart Contract AI Assistant

Project Name : AI Smart Contract Assistant Organization :

Project Description : Our vision is to revolutionize the way developers, auditors, and investors interact with smart contracts. By leveraging state-of-the-art AI, we aim to make contracts more accessible, understandable, and transparent.

  • Goals:
    • Accessibility: Make smart contracts more accessible by translating them into human-readable formats.
    • Education & Engagement: Foster a more educated and engaged community by providing AI-based insights on a smart contract security knowledge base with GPT large language model
  • Plans:
    • Deploy an AI-driven translator to convert complex contract language into layman’s terms, aiding users in comprehending contract specifics.
    • Enhance the platform’s knowledge base by integrating AI insights, making it a go-to resource for information on smart contract security.

Value Proposition to the Aptos Ecosystem : By bridging the gap between complex smart contract languages and everyday users, we empower a larger audience to engage with the Aptos ecosystem. This not only enhances the safety and auditability of contracts but also promotes a more inclusive and educated community.

Milestones with Deliverables + Timeline :

  1. Prototype Creation - September 2023
  • Deliverable: A working prototype of the AI translator and platform mockup. This will demonstrate core functionality and allow us to gather feedback.
  1. AI Refinement - October 2023 to February 2024
  • Deliverable: An optimized AI model with enhanced translation accuracy after months of training on diverse smart contract languages and real-world examples.
  1. Bounty Service Development - December 2024
  • Deliverable: A fully integrated bounty service platform where users can access AI-generated insights and educational content on smart contract security best practices. The knowledge base will be expanded through ongoing human review.
  1. Platform Launch - January 2025
  • Deliverable: Official launch of the AI Smart Contract Assistant platform, providing smart contract translation and security knowledge base access to the public.

Team :

  • InvitedTea : Lead AI Developer with 10 years of experience in NLP and Machine Learning. 2 years smart contract dev.

Motivation : Our team is driven to make blockchain more accessible and user-friendly, which closely aligns with Aptos’ mission. As Aptos aims to bring the benefits of decentralization to the masses through strong tooling and usability, we share the goal of driving mainstream adoption by making complex blockchain concepts easy to understand.

Having accomplished technical experts from Aptos and other blockchain projects, we are dedicated to leveraging our expertise to simplify smart contract interactions. By creating an AI assistant that can translate dense contract code into comprehensible language, we hope to make Aptos and blockchain as a whole welcoming to people from all backgrounds.

Just as Aptos strives to build a user-friendly and secure blockchain ecosystem, our platform aims to lower the technical barrier posed by smart contract languages. We are motivated to help fulfill Aptos’ vision of making decentralized finance and applications accessible to everyone. Our team sees immense potential for blockchain to deliver real-world utility, and we are committed to realizing that potential through human-centered design and AI innovation.

By translating exclusionary jargon into understandable concepts, our AI assistant aligns perfectly with Aptos’ ethos. We are excited to contribute to the promise of an inclusive, transparent, decentralized future powered by blockchains like Aptos.

Technical Architecture Overview : Our AI Smart Contract Assistant platform will leverage leading machine learning models and blockchain data to deliver robust smart contract translation and insights.

The core translation engine will be powered by Transformer-based natural language processing models such as Google’s Cloud or ChatGPT. These large language models can learn complex mappings between programming languages and human-readable text through training on diverse smart contract examples.

The platform backend will connect to public Aptos nodes and scan newly deployed contracts in real-time using Indexer APIs. Our system will parse contract code, extract key parameters, and route to the AI translator module.

Translated contract details will be presented in a user-friendly portal for easy comprehension. Users can toggle technical and plain language views. The portal will also display AI-generated annotations explaining contract logic and security best practices.

To continuously expand the knowledge base, we will implement a feedback loop allowing users to submit corrections and suggestions back into the training data. This human-in-the-loop approach will ensure the highest quality AI output.

Our modular architecture will allow integrating other blockchain networks beyond Aptos by swapping network parsers. We aim to support translation across multiple smart contract languages.

By leveraging cutting-edge machine learning alongside blockchain data pipelines, our platform will open up smart contract accessibility and understanding to users worldwide.

Key Risks & Challenges :

  • AI Accuracy : Continuously refining the AI model to cater to a wide range of contracts.

Project Categories

  • Tools + Integrations
    • Wallets
    • Fiat Ramps
    • Oracles
    • Analytics
  • Developer Tools

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