Bull run is coming hope you're positioned

The bull market has started :rocket:

3 Catalyst that will drive the next bull run into full swing.

Let’s take a look.

#1 Spot Bitcoin ETF approvals : this is one of the major bullish catalyst that could take the market higher. Blockrock’s filing is the most exciting; they alone have over $9T in assets under management. Massive amounts of capital could be about to flow into crypto.

#2 Bitcoin Halving: The next halving is expected for April 2024. Historically, the six months before a Bitcoin halving has been a great long term buying opportunity.

#3 Bitcoin is undervalued: Several economic data points to this fact. Inflation reports and a possible recession are good indicators for momentum to an uncorrelated asymmetric asset like Bitcoin

Overall, our analysis indicates we are at a start of a potential bull market. However, it may take 12-18 months to reach full blown euphoria. Dollar cost averaging and staking positions make sense now before prices accelerate higher. Periodic corrections are 20-30% are expected along the way. So buckle up for what promises to be the greatest transfer of wealth in our time. The bulls are back in town.


I need more liquidity to position the way I want.

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Welcome back, we are well positioned