Bulit a tic tac toe game

  • Tic Tac Toe Game

I have built a simple tic tac toe game on Aptos and looking forward for guys to try the game out. For now, just the smart contract is ready but soon enough would also have the frontend ready.

I am thinking of making a series of games on Aptos. Simple games like tic tac toe, coin flip, connect four and many more. People can come over, place their bets and play with other players as well.

I am looking forward in building a simple frontend this week for you guys to play. It would be a multiplayer game so would require both the players to play at once.

Here is the smart contract: GitHub - dhruvja/aptos-tic-tac-toe: A simple tic tac toe game written in move for aptos . Pretty simple, not much complications brought until now.

Please have a look at the code and the plan. Would love to hear feedback from you guys. Also if anybody is interested in building a AMM for NFTs like sudoswap, please hit me. Here is my discord: Imposer#3233