Built a Subscription Streaming protocol

Subscription Protocol

I have built a subscription protocol using move which can be used by applications to maintain the subscription service. This is easy to use and planning to build an SDK so that other platforms can integrate this right away.

This is how it works

  • Merchant creates a resource with all the details of the service like payment amount, frequency and if there is some initial amount and so on.
  • Then the customer registers by creating a resource and storing all the details like delegated amount, last payed amount and so on. Here the customer delegates his account to a resource account from which the merchant can collect the payments on regular intervals. Though the resource account has complete access of the customer account, it will transfer only the amount that the customer has specified and that too only in regular intervals.

Future Plans

  • Have an SDK to interact with the smart contract and use the service seamlessly.
  • Find a way to upgrade the payment configuration by the merchant.
  • Add more features and test suites.
  • Simple client side to demonstrate the whole flow end to end.

Here is the link to the repo: GitHub - dhruvja/aptos-subscription-protocol: A protocol which allows you to perform subscription payments

I would love to hear about what you think about this and how it can be improved further.


How can this be tested by an ordinary user, with ordinary skills, by a content generator?

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i am sorry i didnt understand what u asked? Do u mean how the above smart contract be used in a service or how can customers trust if the contract is legit? @jobaboba

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I like your idea

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Your idea sounds cool.
I think it’s worth to take a look and am interested to take part in the development for further upgrade.

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Thanks. Feel free to open an issue or PR regarding anything u come across. U can even DM in discord at Imposer#3233

Thanks. I sent you friend request in Discord.