Build Aptos Dutch Community

Project Name: Aptos Dutch

Project Description:

Hi everyone,

I’ve noticed there isn’t a space for Dutch Aptos users (or maybe I’ve missed it, please let me know! :)). I was thinking about building a Dutch community to provide support, ongoing translation work, and to build up the Dutch speaking community.

I’ve created an unofficial Telegram group, so if you’re a beginner looking for support or simply interested in Aptos, please feel free to join.

This is the link:

Let’s build a great community for Dutch Aptos users! :slight_smile:

If you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to share them.

My contacts:

Twitter: @AbSa_Backendrrr
Telegram: @AbSa_Backendrrr
Discord: Strannik#4743


The idea is not bad , but are there enough participants from the Netherlands to create a channel ?

I have seen some people requesting Dutch channel in discord. This brought me to this idea. With this post, I want to see if there is enough participants. If yes, we can satrt building community.

Also you have Dutch speakers from Belgium too