Bug with GitHub and email

I cant connect my main email [vlasenkoanton1994@gmail.com] to my account with GitHub where I minted my NFTs, don`t know why, but Aptos automaticly create account for my email and dead acount for my GitHub, so I didnt get any mail with verification and claiming of earned rewards…

Problem, because sign up my account through GitHub

My main Wallet

Wrote a lot of tickets to support and letters on email, with explaining from the beginning (have electricity blackout moments in my city, so finded that problem on 20.10.22)


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I think that the bug is due to the fact that you cannot change the last connection and the Aptos site automatically creates accounts through the connection to non-existent e-mail

Still can`t connect any email to my account with GitHub verification to receive mail with reward conformation

That not the email (vlasenkowork1994@gmailcom) that I connected to my GitHub ( Ton-GM (Anton Vlasenko)

The correct email is that from I wrote this all vlasenkoanton1994@gmailcom and that why I wont receive any for verify email or with rewards link

write to the community developers or go to discord and lay complaints


tried to, friend, all wasted

Tried to connect any email to GitHub verify account

Still unsolved and ignored

multiaccount? banned I think