Btc updates technical analysis educational purpose only πŸ‘‡

#BTC - market analytics

We dived again to the support range and successfully rebounded, #long sent above, a position was opened, the previous deal was closed before this local dump with a small but profit

Despite the lack of growth, so far everything looks positive, I admit that there will be pressure under the level of $30,000 for some time, after which we will see a good candle with a breakdown of the level

More than six months of savings will most likely end with a pump, first at the level of $28,000, then at $30,000, for now it’s worth working only from #long-a, doubts will only arise if it consolidates at $27,000


Good one friend

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But if it can’t survive $30k region it will definitely collapse too badly to $22500k region.

Let’s see if that resistance of $29k holds, it may but for any scary news, :joy:


Impressive TA

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