#btc update take note

#BTC - market analytics

The same resistance and the same support, nothing has changed globally since the last analysis, and on the chart there are the same 2 liquid ranges from which we constantly bounce like a little jumper and are now again approaching the upper level at the 27000 level.

And most likely, this attempt for #btc will be unsuccessful again, but despite this, I am very positive about the market in Q4 - the fourth quarter, there is every chance that after the next test of the lows of this range we will see an upward exit from this range.

The flat has been going on for more than a month, the season is Fin. activity has started, but the market has shrunk to such an extent that market makers on Twitter represented by Wintermute, GSR, DWF are arguing among themselves which of them is the greater manipulator, there is liquidity, but it is not yet in the market, a trigger is needed to throw a party and that’s all for now it looks like it will be, at least a short-term recovery is worth counting on.

As a result, for now it is worth considering only local #short transactions from the sales range and in the near future expect a true market reversal after more than a month of this boring flat, but this is my opinion and not financial advice