Brief explain of new aptos

:coin:Hype Is Building On Brc20 Tokens… If You Want You Can Play With It…

:white_check_mark:BRC-20 is a token standard based on the Bitcoin network, similar to ERC-20 in Ethereum.

:fire:You Can Have Some Transactions Or Holding in Brc20 In Early Stages… MAY be Later They Do Some Airdrop…

:arrow_right:How To Bridge BTC From BSC / Arbitrum / All Chain ?
:arrow_right: Use Fixedfloat :
:arrow_right: Use Sideshift :
:arrow_right: Select Token - Received On Ordinals / Unisat Wallet
:arrow_right: Minimal Bridge $20+

:white_check_mark:Or You Can Deposit Directly From Binance To Your BTC Address In Unisat Wallet ( But Fee Higher)

:newspaper: How To Mint BRC20 ? HERE Is Complete Guide By CalendarDefi Mainnet Guide — BRC-20 | by DefiCalendar | May, 2023 | Medium

:white_check_mark:Remember Minting Token Fee Will depend On how Much You Are Minting… So Fee Can Be Increased if You Applied Multiplier…

:white_check_mark:Airdrop Is Not Confirmed Just An Possibility In Future… DON’T use money From Pocket. Play With Free Money Only…

:sos:High Risk Ser #NFA #DYOR… Just Shared Because Some Members Demanded…


nice one, Keep it up


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BRC20 - > bitcoin blockchain congested - > death by shitcoins. Who would have thought. quote this , tag me and reply via email to get badges if you havn’t

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