BoneCLOB NFT Marketplace Community Beta Test

What is Bone Shamans ??
Bone Shamans is a project with sole aim of creating a focal point between art, utility, and amazing community.

What BoneCLOB NFT Marketplace ??
Bone CLOB is an multi-chain NFT Marketplace which allows you to buy and sell NFTs through the use of buy and sell orders and an interactive orderbook. The Marketplace will also contain tools and features for creating a good user NFT trading and NFT collecting experience

BoneCLOB Marketplace Community Beta Test

Art Collection:
Shaman Totems (Gen 0)

Whitelisting for the Shaman Totems (Gen 0) is currently on-going.
The community beta test is also on-going.

Discord: Bone Shamans | APTOS (GEN 0)


Congratulations on your first steps in the forum!)


Goood to know