Bobbyboy validator

Hello everyone, my name is Bobby , an crypto enthusiast from Indonesia, started to joined crypto since 2017, six years ago. Until now, i’m still to active in crypto world. I’m started from airdrops, ICO, Trading, Testnet, Node & Validators. Then, i trying to practice, learn & development nodes.

I use Python, JavaScript, and Linux, to support my progress and skill to finishing many project.

I’ve been do in my project is Installing nodes and validators such as Umee, Ironfish, Aptos Ait1, Aptos Ait2, CAPE , Alchemy, Frontier, Subquery, Messa and ETC.

I’m ready and will deserve to be choosen and coming as an active validators at APTOS. Take several of above information into consideration for you.

Thank you.

Telegram : @Cuplis123
Twitter :
Discord : Freeman#6759


fighting!! i will support you!

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On fire… suportt u always💪

always support u… keep spirit!