Bluemove - what it is?

BlueMove is the community-first NFT marketplace on Aptos and Sui Blockchain that actively rewards traders, collectors and creators for participating.

NFT for MOVErs

This is who we are.

Part of being community-first means that BlueMove rewards, empowers, and gives back to the platform’s users and creators.

:gem: Get rewarded — Users that buy or sell any NFTs on BlueMove earn MOVE tokens.

:handshake: Share the platform fees

:zap: Creators get paid instantly — Creators get royalty payments at the moment of sale.

What makes BlueMove special?


Crypto moves fast, and we move fast too.

Pivoting is a way of life.

NFT Market Phase 2 is already available and everyone mover can try it now!

MOVE Tokenomics

Token Usage

Staking Incentives

The main purpose of the MOVE token is to reward users who are staking MOVE. Stakers are rewarded the transaction fees from the NFT marketplace. Users are able to collect network fees in $MOVE or $APT/$SUI, and rewards and paid out daily. Similarly, buyers and sellers are rewarded with $MOVE if their NFT is sold on BlueMove.

On-chain Governance

Users may stake MOVE to gain voting power and participate in the governance process to change product parameters.

Product development

MOVE revenue from transaction fees will be partially used for future product development and ecosystem growth.

Unique membership rights

Users will gain tiered benefits on the platform, enjoy retroactive incentives from BlueMove, and have privileges when joining BlueMove products/ services or participating in events from strategic partners.

How can I get the MOVE?

MOVE is a utility and governance of BlueMove, which is issued with 2 standards including Aptos and Sui. Users can get MOVE in some easy ways below:

1. Trade on exchanges

We are working non-stop to get listed on various exchanges in the future.

2. Staking and Farming

When you stake MOVE, you also earn additional MOVE on top of the trading fee rewards received in APT/SUI. Staked MOVE tokens are auto-compounded for users that wish to just leave their MOVE tokens staked.

MOVE staking rewards will be earned over 4 phases with differing reward rates.


Bluemove its very nice marketplace. I using them


Great and fun marketplace


Oh, thank you. Very informative, well done! Just picked up the nft phoenix from bluemov today :wink:


Thanks for putting this together for the community.


I love their firendly UI design


Yeah, really awesome.

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Bluemove is good marketplace NFTs