Bluemove - the end?

As you can see era of Bluemove nfts went down…Screenshot_1
In my opinion , they killed their NFT Launchpad by a trash projects without community , they hiped only becouse first collection on laucnhpool gave 40x-70x price. And they wanted more and more money , so they started make lauchpools everyday , sometimes 2 times a day, so as a result we see a bit fiasco. Now u can flip for a few minutes to make max profit 2x.

Here is statistic about last sales(only public):

Collection ------------------------------Mint price-----------------------Current price on market
HallowinBoi----------------------------2.5 APT----------------------------0.8 APT
World Wide Crazy---------------------0APT(0.05 gas)------------------0.03APT
Ghost Street---------------------------0APT(0.05gas)-------------------0.16APT
GENESIS VAMPIRES------------------3APT-------------------------------1.57APT
F1 Dog----------------------------------4APT-------------------------------1.89APT
Taisho Labs-----------------------------2.5APT-----------------------------1APT

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Guys do not forget to share this to your friends it is very important

And be careful with nft and ido launchpads , check everything before giving them your money

hmm interesting

“If you ride like lightning, you’re gonna crash like thunder.”
Mostly I agree with you, they ruined themselves. But maybe they will understand their mistakes and correct them.



They seem find at first but then IDO? Nope

It seems that the developers of the site initially thought only about quick income, and not about working for a long time.


Exactly , u’r right


Yes, you are right

It looks poorly in recent times, but the team is still working in the background, it is possible that it has exceeded their scope of work because they are working on Aptos and Sui. We are still very early, let’s allow ourselves to develop and we will evaluate it in a few months.

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I think Bluemove don’t airdrop for users use testnet :frowning: