BlockPI: A WIN-WIN distributed RPC solution benefits NODEs and BUIDLers

  • Project Name / Organization

    BlockPI Network

  • Project Description: Goals, Plans, etc.

    BlockPI network is a distributed multichain acceleration layer, engaging in an accessible and decentralized Web3 environment. We aim to provide efficient, reliable and high performance decentralized API service for Aptos developers and users.

  • Value Proposition to the Aptos Ecosystem

  1. BlockPI solves the single point failure and limited scalability in the Web3 stack by incentivizing a distributed network of RPC. The Aptos user can enjoy a stable RPC service.

  2. We can provide the stable and scalable decentralized API service for Aptos developers, so you can simply integrate BlockPI API key to get on chain data instead of running their nodes.

  3. The node operator could join BlockPI Network without extra cost and earn extra income from BlockPI.

  4. BlockPI will provide a free trial and RU package for Aptos projects.

  • Milestones with Deliverables + Timeline

    Support REST API and begin internal testing in late September.

    Third party testing and improvement in October.

    Provide stable and scalable API service for Aptos developers at the end of October.

  • Team: Skills, Experience & Motivation

    The motivation of why we build BlockPI Network is that there are tons of decentralized applications in the industry, yet many of them are centralized in infrastructure. And the market is still suffering from single-point failures. And we heard or experienced the serious results caused by RPC service outages over the last two years. The industry thirsts for stronger infrastructure providers.

    The better thing is BlockPI accepts stablecoin payment instead of native tokens, which will eliminate the volatility of costs, so developers can enjoy the advantage of decentralization without the tradeoffs.

    The team members are quite experienced crypto developers and investors.

    The insights of decentralized infrastructure are based on years of experience in the crypto industry and that would help construct a well-designed BlockPI network structure. And as skilled developers, they are able to build the network and improve the performance of BlockPI API service.

    Also, we began our testnet on Klaytn in June. We have received 4200+ applications and finally over 70 new operators who came from 14 different countries and regions joined our testnet and run the full node of Klaytn. Now, BlockPI is the largest RPC provider on Klaytn.

    The successful experience will help a lot when we build on Aptos.

  • Technical Architecture Overview

For more information, please see: Welcome to BlockPI - BlockPI Testnet

  • Key Risks & Challenges

    The risk of the development progress will mainly be the overdue risk. BlockPI has drawn up a plan to make sure the progress follows the schedule.

  • How is the WIN-WIN working? More income for Nodes! More accessible RPC for Builders!

    Validators and node operators can simply install the BlockPI HyperNode application on your Aptos node server and help us to expand the BlockPI Network. And you can earn more income by joining BlockPI network.The resources will be used to process RPC requests and improve the user experience and boost the Aptos ecosystem. Both node operators and Aptos builders get benefits from the BlockPI Network.

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Hey, sounds great! about the node income part.
I get the part of I can earn extra income by install ur hypernode in my full node server. am i right?
do u have discord or TG? just wanna know more details.
Thanks mate.

and i see the docs says testnet.
r u in some testnet thing? will there be a big change when it comes to the mainnet?

Testnet is running, and we’re working on REST API support :laughing:

Hey guys, BlockPI have supported Aptos API services!

To helping budilers to explore their Web3 journey, we have a startup program with top VC in the industry. Feel free to apply credits up to 1000 USD and starting your free API service now!