Blockchain scaling solutions

These types of solutions aim to achieve scaling by reducing the workload on the base Layer 1 and offloading some of the computational tasks required for transaction validation They divert a large volume of transactions from Layer 1 and approves them away from this base layer125 Afterwards, it bundles them together as screened and already-approved transactions for Layer 1. This approach significantly scales Layer 1s and increases overall transaction throughput. There are various types of Layer 2 solutions, including Plasmas, Sidechains, Zk Rollups,… and Optimistic Rollups. These solutions have been developed to improve the transaction throughput of their parent blockchains. Examples of Layer 2 scaling solutions include Arbitrum, Optimism, Zk Sync, and the Bitcoin Lightning Network. In a subsequent thread, we will delve into Layer 2s in detail I hope you now have a clear understanding of Layer 1 and Layer 2 solutions and the distinctions between them Layer 1: A change in the original/base protocol Layer 2: Something else is built on the base blockchain146 Have a good day guys🤟 If you appreciate this, Kindly give the first tweet a Like and RT

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