Blockchain is not Blockchain Network

Imagine a blockchain as a special kind of digital notebook. It’s like a magical book that records information, but once something is written in it, it can never be erased or changed. It’s like writing with a special ink that can’t be rubbed out or altered in any way.

Now, let’s talk about a blockchain network. Think of it as a group of people who all have a copy of this magical notebook. They sit in different parts of the world, but they can all see the same information in their notebooks at the same time.

Whenever someone wants to add something new to the notebook, like a record of a transaction, they have to get permission from everyone in the group. Once everyone agrees, the new information is added to all the notebooks in the network. This way, everyone’s notebook stays up-to-date and the information is consistent for everyone.

So, in simple terms, a blockchain is like an unchangeable digital notebook, and a blockchain network is a group of people who all have a copy of that notebook and work together to keep it accurate and secure.


my teacher once said that blockchain is a land which anything can be built on it and cryptocurrency is just one of the many stuffs that can be built on it.

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