Blockchain and Healthcare

Healthcare field that uses Blockchain and AI

  1. is a blockchain-based AI platform that focuses on personalized healthcare. It uses AI algorithms to analyze health data and provide personalized insights to users. The blockchain technology ensures the secure and decentralized storage and sharing of health data.

  2. Shivom: Shivom is a genomic data platform that utilizes AI and blockchain technology. It allows individuals to securely store and share their genomic data, while AI algorithms analyze the data to provide personalized health recommendations. The blockchain ensures data privacy and enables users to control access to their genetic information.

  3. Healthereum: Healthereum, mentioned earlier, also leverages AI along with blockchain. In addition to patient engagement and feedback, the platform uses AI algorithms to analyze patient data and provide personalized health recommendations. It rewards patients for their engagement and data sharing.

  4. Longenesis: Longenesis is a platform that combines AI and blockchain for secure and transparent management of health data. It enables individuals to control and share their health data with researchers, while AI algorithms analyze the data for medical research purposes. The blockchain ensures data integrity and auditability.

  5. Coral Health: Coral Health, previously mentioned, uses AI and blockchain to improve data interoperability and consent management. AI algorithms can analyze health data for insights, while the blockchain ensures secure and auditable storage of the data and facilitates consent management.

  6. BurstIQ: BurstIQ is a blockchain-based platform that integrates AI and big data analytics in healthcare. It allows for the secure sharing and analysis of health data, enabling personalized healthcare insights. The AI algorithms provide predictive analytics and population health management capabilities.


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