Bitzlato was arrested🤦‍♂️

Last week in Miami, Anatoly Legkodimov, the founder of Bitzlato crypto exchange and a Russian citizen, was arrested.

According to the U.S. law enforcement authorities, more than $700 million in funds were legalized through this trading platform.

According to RBC, Europol also believes that the Bitzlato platform was used by criminals, including those connected with Russian structures. Capitals of 1 billion euros were legalized through this trading platform.

Digital currency was converted into rubles and then withdrawn from the exchange, stressed EU law enforcement officers. In total, digital assets worth more than 2.1 billion euros managed to pass through Bitzlato.

About 46% of these funds were directly or indirectly related to criminal activity. The Europol report took into account data provided by law enforcement agencies in Cyprus, France, Belgium, USA, Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands.

After the arrest of Anatoly Legkodimov, three more people were detained in Cyprus and Spain, who are associated with the trading platform.

The U.S. announced its intention to achieve a complete shutdown of Bitzlato crypto exchange.

And how do you think…

  • Cryptocurrency facilitates illegal actions
  • Cryptocurrency should stop criminal actions

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Danger news, alert!


very sad story, it was a good platform :-1:


the platform is very simple and convenient, it’s a pity that this is happening


@pattie2050 from the top they want to regulate everything, whoever disobeys them leaves or is removed


@fendrickaase Are you used this Platform?

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People were laundering money