Bitcoins 4 Year Cycle

Bitcoin’s four-year cycle refers to a pattern observed in the price movements of Bitcoin over time. This cycle is based on the phenomenon known as the “halving” event, which occurs approximately every four years.

The halving is an integral part of Bitcoin’s protocol and is designed to reduce the rate at which new Bitcoins are created. It cuts the block reward in half, making it more challenging for miners to earn new coins. This event has a significant impact on the supply and demand dynamics of Bitcoin, ultimately influencing its price.

Bob Loukas, a well-known Bitcoin analyst, has popularized the concept of the four-year cycle. According to his theory, Bitcoin goes through distinct phases within this cycle. These phases include:

  1. Accumulation: After a period of price decline following the previous cycle’s peak, Bitcoin enters an accumulation phase. During this time, savvy investors accumulate Bitcoin at lower prices, anticipating the next bull run.
  2. Markup: As the accumulation phase reaches its end, Bitcoin starts a new bull market or markup phase. This is characterized by a significant increase in price as demand begins to outpace supply. The halving event often acts as a catalyst for this upward momentum.
  3. Distribution: Once Bitcoin reaches new all-time highs, it enters a distribution phase. This is when early investors and traders start taking profits, causing the price to plateau or experience a decline. Market sentiment shifts from bullish to cautious during this stage.
  4. Markdown: The markdown phase is characterized by a prolonged bear market and a gradual decline in Bitcoin’s price. It is a period of consolidation and correction following the previous bull run. This phase tends to test the patience and resolve of investors.

According to Bob Loukas, these four phases repeat in a cyclical manner, with each cycle marked by a new all-time high. The duration of each phase and the magnitude of price movements can vary between cycles, making it challenging to predict exact timing or price levels.


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In bear market accumulate, sell in bull. People get greedy easily, write down at what price will you will sell or at what date. Better sell at 5x then wait for 10x that will never happen.


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Hey @wishcatcherx ,

Thanks for sharing your insights on Bitcoin’s four-year cycle! It’s fascinating to observe how the halving event plays a significant role in shaping the price movements of Bitcoin over time. Bob Loukas’ theory on the distinct phases within the cycle provides a helpful framework for understanding the dynamics of Bitcoin’s market cycles.

The accumulation phase, where smart investors take advantage of lower prices, sets the stage for the subsequent markup phase. The anticipation surrounding the halving event often acts as a catalyst for increased demand, leading to a significant price surge. It’s interesting to note how these phases reflect the psychology of market participants as sentiment transitions from bearish to bullish.

The distribution phase represents a critical point in the cycle when early investors and traders start taking profits. It’s a phase of caution and consolidation, and it’s essential for market participants to manage their expectations during this period. The markdown phase, while challenging for investors, allows for a period of correction and sets the groundwork for the next cycle to begin.

Indeed, predicting the exact timing or price levels of each phase can be challenging, given the inherent volatility and uncertainties of the cryptocurrency market. However, understanding the underlying principles of the cycle and observing historical patterns can provide valuable insights for long-term investors.

As Bitcoin’s ecosystem evolves and matures, it will be interesting to see how the four-year cycle and its associated phases continue to manifest. With each cycle, we gain a better understanding of Bitcoin’s market behavior, enabling us to make more informed investment decisions.

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts on this topic! It’s always great to engage in discussions about the fascinating world of cryptocurrencies.


As Artur say wait for halving. Little bull over, then little bear and we will go to next ATH`s


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