Bitcoin update etf, educative purpose only 👇

#BTC UPDATE (1D Chart)

All existed resistances that were separating us from the local bullish season are broken upwards now. The longer we stay above the $32,000 - $33,000 zone, the higher chances of going further to $36,000 - $38,000 zone we have.

We may see a possible fake breakdown of the support, but it is better to just continue growing without it.

What I see for now is extremely huge bullish volumes, stress-free red trend line breakout and consolidation much higher. I’m trying to remains sceptical, but…

:point_right: It is hard to deny that we entered the Local Bullish Phase of the market, at least until the ETF Approval news come out. Imho, they are priced in now. So, I consider ETF approval as a sell event.

But… nothing stops us from growing until then


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Once the halving start we will experience a great turn around