Bitcoin Price Action lately

It’s been almost 3 weeks since my last blog and bitcoin price has continued to push into new highs. I’m starting to get the feeling the hype is slowing down and train is about to reach its next destination and will begin to cool down before the next leg up. My predications are a 5-10% drawback in BTC in the coming weeks and a spike up in Bitcoin dominance. The dxy/ btcd is looking primed to bounce back up to the upside. I see the dominance going up led by a good retracement in some bigger cap alts EX: Solana, AVAX, Link and others.

Let me know your guys general thoughts on current market conditions below !


5%, 10% drawback. It all doesn’t matter.
What matters is that the bullrun is here,
That’s all.


Sideways movement


Yes sir were definitely in the bull, but it’s those drawbacks where you load up.

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