Bitcoin halving dominance fractal educational purposes only πŸ‘‡


There is an interesting coincidence:
if we start studying how Bitcoin Dominance behaved before the 2020 Halving, we will see that in 6 months before the Halving it started dumping

This is quite surprising, isn’t it? More to say, the dump of Dominance back in 2020 started after forming a double top near the 46% level

:face_with_monocle: What do we have now? The Dominance is forming a Double Top near the 52% level. If the history repeats itself, we may easily expect BTC.D to dump to the 44% levels in the future


Nice info. Let’s go


I think dominance will remain same crypto market as a whole can go up.

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I like this plan

It’s go up

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Yes, it will soon fall again

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