Bitcoin and Aptos Pump in 2023?

At the moment we see a bullish wedge, in which the breakdown of 18.7k and fixed above 18.2k should be interpreted as a strong buy signal

It can be seen that they tried to play this story back in October, but apparently CZ had other plans)

SBF has been arrested, the market has already “absorbed” all the negative FTH. The main thing now is not to screw up Binance, otherwise we won’t get off so easily :slight_smile:

In short, I expect a positive at the beginning of 2023, and we’ll see)


optimistically) and what about the energy crisis? Are we drawing it yet?


Wow… So you believe it’s going to pump to the mid 20s and thrn break the current low? Oh wow😁

Ftx and Binance are a consequence, not the root cause of the situation on the crypto market. With the fall of Binance, the crypto market will be cleared of the dubious asset into which Binance has turned

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