'BitBoy Crypto' Out of Jail and Back on Twitter, Mugshot Pic Goes Viral

Crypto influencer Ben Armstrong, formerly known as BitBoy Crypto, has been released from jail after spending eight hours there, while his mugshot went viral.

As reported earlier today, BitBoy Crypto was arrested by the police for “loitering/prowling” and for “simple assault by placing another in fear” with a bond amount of $2,600.

Ben Armstrong, who was recently ousted from his own company, was on his way to confront a former colleague while police stopped and arrested him on the way. All this was captured on a livestream on YouTube.


— db (@tier10k) September 26, 2023

BitBoy Crypto is Back on Twitter after Spending a Night in Jail

BitBoy made a series of posts on X, formerly known as Twitter, revealing more about a fallout with one of his former colleagues at HitNetwork. The company Armstrong is suing for orchestrating a coup against him.

Armstrong was going to get his Lamborghini back from TJ Shedd, which he claims was extorted out of him.

This is the hardest tweet I ever have had to make. I need to make a confession I never imagined I would admit

I’m not even really sure if I have the courage to say it but I’m going to do my best

Here it goes: My name is Ben and I’m a loiterer. I did 8 whole hours in the slammer

— Ben Armstrong (@BenArmstrongsX) September 26, 2023

After getting out of jail, Ben posted on X, “My name is Ben and I’m a loiterer. I did 8 whole hours in the slammer.”
He also clarified that he was not on drugs when he was arrested and said that he “was on adrenaline from facing my bully finally”. Ben further tweeted:

“My Uncle, TJ & his goons created a world for me where I was close to suicide… like I had a gun in my hand.”

Crypto Community Reacts Hilariously to Ben’s Arrest

Since late Monday night, Ben Armstrong has been trending on social media platforms for live streaming his arrest while attempting to get his Lamborghini back.

Crypto community reacted hilariously to Ben’s arrest. Alex tweeted:

“BitBoy Got $200k in donations, immediately bought a bag of coke, called his mistress, went to steal a Lamborghini, livestreamed the entire thing, and then gets arrested.”
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Ben Armstrong-backed token BEN is down over 20% since his arrest.


who was this guy? first time I see and hear him




Keep strong BitBoy.


Shocked about this, but i still love BitBoy, he’s such an inspirational being who cares about Crypto Community deeply.


Hmmm. He has bribed his way out