Binance to list Celestia with unique risk mitigation measures

Binance announces the listing of Celestia (TIA) along with enhanced risk management features, including a mandatory quiz for traders interested in tokens marked with a “Seed Tag.”

Celestia (TIA) has been pre-listed on decentralized exchanges, and it’s currently trading at $3.15 on Halix. Celestia aims to transform blockchain scalability by separating execution from consensus, thereby introducing a new model known as data availability sampling. The network allows for the creation of modular blockchains, offering secure scalability as the user base grows.

#Binance will list @CelestiaOrg $TIA with Seed Tag applied.


— Binance (@binance) October 30, 2023

Binance has announced the listing of Celestia (TIA), a modular data availability network. Trading will be live on Oct. 31, at 16:00 (UTC), with three new spot trading pairs—TIA/BTC, TIA/USDT, and TIA/TRY. Users can begin depositing TIA as early as 14:00 (UTC) on the same day to prepare for trading. Withdrawals will be enabled the following day at 16:00 (UTC).

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One unique feature of this listing is the “Seed Tag” associated with TIA, denoting it as an innovative but potentially volatile project. To mitigate risks, Binance has instituted a risk management measure that requires users to pass a quiz every 90 days on the Binance Spot and Binance Margin platforms to gain trading access for tokens with the Seed Tag. This proactive approach ensures that traders are cognizant of the risks involved.

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— Celestia (@calestiatoken) October 30, 2023

The listing comes with zero Binance Coin (BNB) fees and introduces TIA as a new borrowable asset in Isolated Margin trading within 48 hours from the listing time. Celestia will also be listed on Bitget and KuCoin on the same date.

Given that Celestia is a new project, TIA will likely be subjected to higher-than-average price volatility. Binance advises all potential traders to exercise due diligence and robust risk management practices before engaging in trading activities.

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