Binance falls prey to a ChatGPT-driven misinformation attack

The recent search result ChatGPT is sharing false information about Binance and its CEO, Changpeng Zhao. Binance said that the AI tool has released certain search results of false information about its CEO.

The company added that someone was using artificial intelligence to launch a misinformation campaign against the company. Speaking with Fortune magazine, the crypto exchange said that it had received inquiries asking if Changpeng Zhao is a member of the Chinese Communist Party.

For a while, there has been an ongoing debate on a link between CZ and the Chinese government. In September 2022, he debunked a connection between Binance and the Chinese government.

CZ said that the biggest challenge faced by Binance is that while the Chinese ecosystem is against its operations, labeling it a criminal organization, the West believes it has a strong tie with China.

Fake information from fake social media profile

Furthermore, the company said that Chinese congressional offices have sent several searches on ChatGPT, where the AI tool responded that Binance founder CZ had built a media platform for social services for the China National Petroleum Corporation.

The Chief Strategy Office of Binance, Patrick Hillman, explained that the information searched on ChatGPT about CZ connected to CNPC was retrieved from a fake LinkedIn profile of CZ and Forbes articles that were no longer available on its website.

Details of a chat between Hillman and ChatGPT revealed that CZ was a member of the China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) Youth League committee. The search result from the AI tool stated that CZ was a member of CNPC when working for the business in the 1990s as a “software developer.”

Hillman said that the situation at hand was terrifying because individuals in positions of power could share such information without proper fact-checking.


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