Biggest airdrops of 2023 and what not to miss 😳

Had to update this, last 7 days have been crazy!

$MUSK $150k - $10m
$ANDY $55k - $2m
$LAMBO $300k - $5m
$PPIZZA $1m - $12m
$DFV - $300k - $3m
$GME - $950k to $3.6m
$WSB $252k - $45m
$BULL $250k - $6m
$COPE 400k - $1.6m
$SU $300k - $1.8m Still printing

Hope you’re printing with…
If not leverage on Aptos now and participate at your best.

Drop any gem I missed :thinking:


Crazy :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: alot is missing


This is nice fams​:fire::fire::fire:

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Cray how time goes already half of the year has pass and I am still hunting :joy::joy:

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Sui happen very fast I can’t really say not to talk okay mantle let hope for zksync and LayerZERO keep working

Really crazy me too :sob: