Beware of scammers on TG & WhatsApp group

There are many ways those guys infiltrate in an escrow group.

Once one of them manages to enter, they will keep requesting for the group links to bring their kinds.

It’s very important to track record any members who requested for the group link. Know who is bringing another person to the group.

They will be in the group, actively posting ads but if you go to them to bargain, they will tell you they already sold to Admin.

You will be confused. Which admin?

He will tell you he belongs to a group where they buy and sell at a cheaper price. Your greed will lead you to the group and end up being scammed.

Guys have different Scam groups they trade Crypto assets. They will invite you to the group and offer you the cheapest rate. They will be running deals among themselves for you to believe the group is Legit.

Meanwhile, they are just setting a trap to Scam you…

That’s the case of the lady that was scammed 1.3m

You have to be Wise in this space :milky_way::writing_hand:

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