Beware of Hacking

Bull run is fast approaching which only few people knows the meaning so mainly people with hacking skills see it as an opportunity to get enough coins from holders with the help of hacking social media.

Don’t forget social media is where community dwell for latest updates/information. once you can get hold of any project social media… you can easily tell them to click a link and no one will know if the link is just a ping/code to hack your wallet because in order for it to work, you will have to connect your wallet.
And before they will tell you to click the link… there is always a price which will make it look tricky pls be careful :blue_heart:.

Think twice before clicking any link or better still join discord and never do anything without the knowledge of announcement on discord.

Let us secure our treasure “coins” so that we can get the better of it years to Come :blue_heart::100:


Thanks for info


Thanks for the advice.