BetAptos - Betting and Rolling, bringing the fun to Aptos! (hiring)

To us, a network with a dapp to bet and have fun feels just natural. Must be the degen in all of us being engaged that makes it feel just right. Are in the right place? no doubt.

We’re thinking of building BetAptos, a casino composed of roulette and dice as the games available on V1, with the following features available :
-The Dice will have a probability and payout scroll bar for the player to personalize the risk level, capable of making Auto-Bets with Stop Loss/Profit parameters.
-The Roulette will have the option to choose a winning color out 3 colors available.
Capable of placing a custom amount on each color.
-A chat will be available for in-game interaction with each other, as well as a Tipping feature in case a player runs of coins and we opt for supporting each other or sharing the winnings :slight_smile:
-A link-referral system for players to create an additional stream of revenue.
-Ranks and Leaderboards
-A healthy balance between a centralized system and decentralization.

We’re planning on structuring everything around user’s privacy and safety, therefore the user deposits funds directly to the platform and withdraws from platform to their own wallet address when ready to cash out. We figured this way your wallet is never compromised, not on our watch. BetAptos won’t have access to your wallet.

An NFT Revenue share pre sale would distribute the income ownership where 100% of the profits goes to NFT holders.
Leave a comment below to hear feedback on the app.
Out team is composed of David - designer, Roger and Blitz - programmers.

We are looking for community members to fill roles for marketing, community managers, content creators, collaborations. Drop a comment below to get to know you.

Also I have done some Gambling project like Casino and 1v1 Fighting Game.
So if you team wants those kinds of projects, I can help you.