Best NATIVE Staking Project/Coin to stake

Hey guys, I´m trying to find the “best” coin/project to stake. Preferably native staking due to tax-regulations in my country.

Currently I´m staking $APT for 7 % APR, but according to adjusted rewards due to inflation - 16 % APR; and $ATOM with 20 % APR, adjusted with inflation ~ 3 % APR.

Are there any projects with “stable” price fluctuations and bigger APR? Looking into $INJ and $SCRT with both about 8 % adjusted APR.
$INJ with 20 % price-drop in the last 30 Days and $SCRT with 11 % price-drop.
(in contrast: $ATOM - 15 %

Looking forward to some recommendations.


thanks bro for info

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thanks information

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