Benefits you can expect from Aptos blockchain

  1. Low transaction cost
    Aptos aims to provide low-cost transactions by synchronizing transactions and their executed results. Synchronization helps Aptos directly update its ledger state from the executed results so that the blockchain can skip high transactional costs.
  2. Safety & security
    Aptos uses the “Move” programming language for its blockchain. The Move language is best for resource management and execution. Also, the execution output of the resource management, such as information on transactions, is entirely predictable.
  3. Efficient transactions
    The Aptos uses conflict-resistant sequence numbers to run transactions in parallel. Parallel transactions help the blockchain maintain stability even if any transaction fails in a single row by enabling users to control their transaction ordering whenever required.
  4. Easier upgrades
    To provide better upgradability, Aptos managed the validator and configuration with an on-chain state to make it easier for their members to vote and execute upgrades quickly. Also, Aptos has brought significant advancements in the past years to improve the upgradability of its blockchain.
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Aptos will bring real value to the real world! :fire:


I love Aptos ecosystem, they have good blockchain, strong team & backers


This really helpful for me


having a blockchain that is easy to upgrade is great

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