Beginner’s Discord Thread

Beginner’s Discord Thread

This project was created to simplify the orientation of the project and its information. Now every beginner can find all the most in-demand information that he needs here and not spend a lot of time on it and not borrow it from others every time asking a question that was asked 10 minutes ago. The project is intended for further development, as there is still a lot of information that can be added, but it is not yet publicly available.

Thanks to this project, moderators will be able to focus on those who need help not at a primitive level, but a full-fledged consultation. And the more the project grows , the more this function will justify itself more and more . And it 's not even worth talking about usability , because I think it 's clear to everyone , since now all the most frequently used information is in one place .

The main stage has already been done, the information has been published and is already being actively used in each of the communities. And now it remains to constantly update the information as it arrives and updates !

I am a member of the team alone and I believe that I fully cope with the duties that I have to perform! And the main motivation is becoming a part of the beautiful, namely the Aptos project. And assisting in all endeavors and actions !

There are no problems here and this is the most risk-free project !


Ok, its good but I don’t understand what you mean
can you add screenshots or instructions of your project, how to find it? this thread
thanks :glitter:

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Good idea!

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This is a great idea. :rocket:
A lot of information for different languages is scattered across different channels. Beginners simply will not find everything they need, and this proposal solves this problem. I will follow. Good luck. :shamrock:

Thank you for your support

In my opinion, this is questionable activity. It will not solve the problem (of stupid questions or the same type questions.) People are lazy, by nature. This issue has already been discussed. All the same, the burden of such questions will fall on the moderators.

The discord is pretty clear. Just need to read carefully. And people don’t want to do it. They don’t read the instructions. It’s easier for people to ask. The solution to the problem is coordinates, they should help moderators.

The fact is that it has already been implemented and is working. And its benefits are already noticeable in general chat and Ukrainian chat . Since the users themselves are not shy and write that this is a very cool addition. And just this project will make it easier for moderators to do their work and help them focus on more detailed moderation of the community rather than sprayed on frequently asked questions.

This is a very cool idea

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i like your idea. i think that contest it is one of importants things that Aptos need.

Great idea, you just need to describe and plan it in more detail :sunglasses: :white_check_mark:

If you can keep the info actual, then why not? And I’d love to see links or other screenshots, since the ones you provided can’t load.

Great idea! Community will be able to learn about the project faster

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I think it is a good idea. It would be great to have a separate channel instead of just a thread so newbies can see it right away

thx for the tips :grinning:

discord link isn’t working fren